About Us

Hello comic book world!

When I was growing up as a young teenager in southern California in the 1980’s, I did not realize that I was experiencing something that not a lot of people could. It was the era of big comic book stores that did nothing but sell new and used comics. I used to stop by them once a week or so and either pick up some new issues or look for some unique back issues I need to finish a story line. It was cool. Then I grew up and moved away, and started a family and all of that fun stuff. The comic collecting stopped. (At least I kept the ones I had!)

Now with four kids, all of which are either out of, or leaving the house soon things have changed. I would pick up a comic every now and then, maybe one a year, over the past 30 years. But then something weird happened, my child number three became interested in comics…beyond just comic book movies, which the whole family loves. Unfortunately, Montana in the 2020’s does not have the same sort of comic book shops that California did in the 1980s. To try and start one up here in Montana would not be a wise fiscal decision…so just for the fun of it, we decided to start an online comic book shop while we expand our own collections! I mean, why not? 

So welcome to The Super Hero Armory! We are literally a small Father/Daughter Online Comic book shop with hopes and dreams of expanding it into an actual physical location some day. Whether that happens or not, just depends on how well the online shop does. Either way, it will be a blast to do for fun!